Frequently Asked Questions

Does Proxentin Antibacterial Hygienic Hand Gel contain alcohol ?

60% Isopropyl Alcohol was used in the formulation of our product.

Is Proxentin Antibacterial Hygienic Hand Gel sufficient to disinfect hands?

In the ECDC TECHNICAL REPORT - Interim guidance for environmental cleaning in non-healthcare facilities exposed to SARS-CoV-2 published by the World Health Organization on 18.02.2020, it is stated that 50% of isopropyl alcohol is sufficient for disinfection. In this context, Proxentin Antibacterial Hygienic Hand Gel is formulated by isopropyl alcohol content of  60% as specified by the WHO.

Is Proxentin Antibacterial Hand Gel licensed ?

Our product is approved by the Ministry of Health of Turkey and has a Biocidal license.

Ministry of Health License Date and Number: 03.04.2020 - 2020 / G10

Does Proxentin Antibacterial Hygienic Hand Gel dry hands or irritate the skin ?

Alcohols alone can have effects such as drying and irritation on the skin. That's why glycerin is used to prevent dry skin in our product. Glycerin is an effective moisturizer accepted worldwide. Our product provides moisture support that the hands need with its strong formulation and prevents the skin from drying out and irritation.

Are your products effective against bacteria ?

Our product is formulated with antibacterial ingredients. It kills 99.9% of bacteria. For detailed information, you can get information from the content section of our products (Hygienic Hand Gel 300 mL).

How should we use the Hand Gel ?

Pour some product (approx. 5 ml) into your hands and rub your hands thoroughly and wait for them to dry. Do not rinse. Repeat the application as needed during the day.

What should we pay attention when using the product ?

Since our product contains alcohol, flammable materials such as open fire and cigarette should not be used during the product application. Care should be taken not to breathe vapors. For detailed information, you can read the alerts tab on the product detail page (Hygienic  Hand Gel 300 mL)

How can we reach you when we have questions ?

For your questions you can get support from our expert staff in our hotline at +90 (216) 643 00 60