About Biota Laboratories

Biota Laboratories has been developing herbal based products for more than 20 years to offer effective and long term solutions to the beauty and the skin problems.

Biota Laboratories has been developing herbal based products for more than 20 years to offer effective and long term solutions to the beauty and the skin problems.

Since the establishment of Biota Laboratories, with its expertise in botanics and the product range, Biota is always advancing towards the development of world known brands and offer effective and long term botanical solutions to the beauty and the health problems. Biota Laboratories has innovative products receiving its strength from the nature with proven quality and effectiveness. Biota Laboratories is a leader in the markets where represented and takes place in the world with accepted brands.

The products marketed by Biota Laboratories are clinically tested in collaboration with Turkey’s leading universities as well as international independent laboratories for their safety and effectiveness.

With its innovative products, Biota Laboratories carefully combines the state of the art technology with the nature’s plants to create innovative products to contribute the health and beauty.

Turkey has one of the richest flora in the world with 3.200 endemic and  10.000 plant species. Biota Laboratories presents this magnificent power of Anatolia for the use of human health.  Biota Laboratories combines the state of the art technology with the knowledge from past to present and exports its products mainly to the USA, Brasil, Germany, Poland and Azerbaijan and also to the other countries in the world.  


Biota Laboratories’ brands BIOXCIN, NUTRAXIN, BIODER and BIOBABY is marketed across Turkey and are sold in more than 24,000 pharmacies. BIOBLAS and RESTOREX are market brands which are sold super- markets and local sales points. Biota Laboratories, which provide solutions to different needs of consumers from every segment at different sales points, maintains its leadership in the sector by offering completely herbal and natural solutions. Biota Laboratories, aiming to achieve perfection in the quality of its products and at every stage of its activities, offers solutions for various expectations and needs of consumers by combining technology and nature with its scientific based R&D studies.

Working principles in R&D laboratories where hundreds of experiments are carried out every month, consist of "herbalism", "inventiveness" and "innovation". Biota Laboratories allocates all their products to the market as a result of long-lasting R&D studies and allocates high budgets for R&D studies every year. In this way, it is aimed to investigate the effects of many unused endemic plants on human health and beauty.

Biota R&D Center

Biota R&D Laboratories is an R&D center operating in the field of cosmetics, dermocosmetic and food supplements, approved by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. Our center employs experts in its field. These include chemical and food engineers, chemists, botanists, and molecular biologists. Turkey's leading academics in the universities collaborate with our R&D center regularly. Our Medical Department at our R&D Center carries out clinical studies, efficacy and safety testing. All registration activities are also carried out within the R&D Center. Biota R&D Center serves with six independent laboratories in an area of ​​800 m2. There are Cell Culture Laboratory, Plant Research Center, Cosmetic Product Development Laboratory, Instrumental Analysis Laboratory, Packaging R&D Laboratory and Product Performance Laboratories. There are equipment such as HPLC-MS-MS, GC-MS, Real Time PCR, DNA-RNA protein imaging systems in the field of molecular biology, among the analytical devices located in the R&D center, which has an advanced infrastructure in terms of devices and hardware. TÜBİTAK projects, collaborations with universities, and new product development studies are carried out in this center. Scientific publications in international journals, posters and oral presentations in congresses are carried out by our center.


From the CEO Mr. Cihat Dündar

Biota, in fact only 20 years of history with revolutionary brands and the market leader in Turkey and in the world's 62 countries, is a success story.   Starting in 2002 with a dream we set before the journay, today continues with a worldwide and domestic success.

We took our strength from nature on the way. We tried to understand a miracle; this was the miracle of 59 elements. The human body consisted of 59 elements, which are also found in the soil. For this reason, Biota believed in the power to emerge from the cooperation of human and nature. Based on science, Biota worked for human health and beauty using these 59 elements that passed from soil to plants. In addition to the rich flora of Anatolia, we also trusted Turkish scientists and dermatologists. With the diligent work of our team, who love their profession and respect the people and nature, we have presented the health and beauty from plants to the service of people. For years, we have continued our R&D investments, our  developed products can be found on the shelves of all pharmacies and perfumeries in Turkey. The success we have achieved in Turkey and  the countries around the world and the consumer satisfaction show the confidence in Biota. Biota's goals have always been big. The way to reach big goals is through hard work and making new investments by relying on the future. Therefore, our work continues now in a factory which is the first in Turkey and Europe's 3rd largest production facility. In our new production facilitiy established on a closed area of ​​35.000 m2, hundreds of individuals of the Biota family are researching and producing the best for human health and beauty. Again, thousands of Biota people are working to deliver these goods to you. As always, Biota will always be with the consumers with its new targets and new products that offer 100% herbal solutions.