About Proxentin

Why Proxentin?

Biota Laboratories has the knowledge and expertise in the area of Dermocosmetics, Food supplements and also in the area of Pharmaceuticals as well as R&D production and quality control according to the international standards.   In today’s world, based on the increasing demand for hygiene and cleansing products, Biota Laboratories now concentrated more on these areas with high R&D standards, production capacity. Based on the research and development in these areas and with its internationally registered brand Proxentin, Biota Laboratories decided to deepen its efforts, invest and produce antibacterial Hygiene products

Currently due to high demand and the need for the hygiene products, Biota Laboratories responded quickly and obtained the permissions / registrations and started production. The sale of these products has started in Turkey as well as being exported to more than 60 countries due to the business connections of Biota Laboratories. 

Proxentin is always motivated with better hygiene standards and protecting the health. Our brand offres strong products against bacteria and the viruses as well as protecting the skin. Hence, you can feel more secure and hygenic.

Our purpose with Proxentin is to prevent infections and diseases and also to contribute to a healthier life. Our mission is to prevent the disease causing bacteria to contaminate the hands, body, clothes and the surfaces. Hence, you can feel protected during your daily life and continue your affairs safely and comfortably.

In the near future, we will develop and produce new effective products to protect you from bacteria and the viruses and we will offer better personal care and cleansing solutions.

Thank you for walking along with us on this path.