Don't Allow Viruses and Bacteria In Your Vehicle!

How should car cleaning be during the epidemic? Details needing attention and more!

corona virus car cleaning

Don't Allow Viruses and Bacteria In Your Vehicle!

In order to protect against corona virus, it is of great importance to comply with cleaning and hygiene rules and to use antibacterial hand cleaning gel for our personal hygiene. We need to keep clean the places where we spend a lot of time in daily life such as house cleaning and car cleaning, especially the importance of hand cleaning. Today, many people have their own cars. They think they are safe in their cars, but the risk of being in the areas where the virus is present does not disappear every time they go out. They can be exposed to the virus at any time in workplaces, markets, cafes, and then they can get in their cars and go to their homes where they feel safe. Naturally, they can get exposed to virus, which they may have caught outside, to their cars and then to their homes, respectively. Therefore, vehicle cleaning is as important as personal cleaning. It seems a better option to disinfect the interior of our vehicles and go to our house in this way.

What should be taken into consideration while cleaning the interior of the vehicle?

Covid-19 is extremely threatening to human health. Therefore, the most basic element of avoiding the corona virus is to attach much more importance to cleaning. Hand disinfection and cleaning inside the vehicle before driving are also among these hygiene rules. Personal vehicle users are required to clean or have their vehicles cleaned with disinfectants. The things to be considered for vehicle cleaning are as follows;

  • First of all, we should disinfect our hands with alcohol-containing hand disinfectants such as Proxentin before touching any part of our vehicle.
  • We must have our vehicles cleaned by ourselves or by going to the cleaning points.
  • After the vehicle is cleaned, we should disinfect our hands correctly with alcohol-containing hand disinfectants such as Proxentin, and then move on to using our vehicle.
  • We should not allow strangers to use or even enter our vehicles.
  • During this period, we should not let the hitchhikers on the roads into the car.

Clean Your Vehicles Against Corona Virus With Quality Products

In cases where we do not receive professional cleaning services, we need to pay attention to the hygiene products.  If we do not have a special product as a disinfectant, antibacterial hand cleaning fluids can be used instead. We can apply it into the vehicle with antibacterial hand cleaning fluids with high alcohol content such as Proxentin. We must use alcohol-containing, disinfectant products for car cleaning. In terms of the importance of hand cleaning,  we can save the moment by wiping the steering wheel,  gear knob and handbrake handle of your vehicle with alcohol-containing hand cleaning gel or hand disinfectants. We should not forget about hand hygiene and the hygiene of our vehicles, which are one of the areas where our hands are constantly touched, our health is more important than anything.