How to Do House Cleaning Against Corona Virus?

Points, tips and information on hygiene will be available in house cleaning against corona viruses and bacteria!


How to Do House Cleaning Against Corona Virus?

In this period when we are struggling with the Corona Virus, which has affected the whole world, the most important thing to pay attention to is cleanliness and hygiene. Especially in places where we cannot find soap and water, antibacterial hand cleaning gels and hand disinfectants come into play. Of course, by cleaning and hygiene, we need to pay attention not only to the personal, but also to the level of cleanliness and hygiene of the places we are in, namely our homes. But how clean are our homes, whose cleaning is of great importance before the Covid-19 era? Do we pay enough attention to this issue? How to clean properly? In this period we are on the way to normalization, we have to stay away from each other as much as possible by using antibacterial hand cleaning fluid, get used to a new order such as wearing a mask and be a little more sensitive in this regard. However, it is useful to show a little more care to our homes than we normally take. Because the risk of contamination of this virus immediately after contact with any surface is very high.


Which Areas Should We Clean?


In our bedroom, which is an area where we spend at least 7 hours a day, we leave our clothes from outside to change places and sometimes even on the beds. But this is exactly one of the most dangerous moves. No matter how much we pay attention to our cleanliness, especially during this period, it seems a little necessary to perform the hygiene event in the most correct way.


Halls and Living Rooms

Another area we use most after entering the house. In our homes where we spend our time in this area until it is time to go to bed, it would not be bad to wipe the areas such as the control and lighting sockets with disinfectant antibacterial products, if necessary, after coming from outside. At the same time, we should not neglect to frequently ventilate the environments we are in.


Toilets and Bathrooms

Likewise, toilets and bathrooms, which are the cleaning symbols of our house, are the first address we visit when entering the house. Therefore, a little more attention should be paid to the rate of cleaning in these areas. Likewise, in order to be able to apply it every day, it is beneficial to wipe the places we are in constant contact with, such as door handles, sockets, faucets when necessary, with products such as hand disinfectants we use daily.



Cleaning and hygiene rules should always be a priority in the kitchen, which contains many food products. In addition to the places we are in constant contact with, such as sockets and cabinet doors, we definitely need to pay attention to the cleaning of the counter tops. In addition to the visible parts, we should not neglect to disinfect closed areas and cabinets.


Product Preference for Cleaning and Hygiene

Apart from the weekly cleaning we do inside the house, considering that we have to disinfect the house every day, every day exposure to chemical products such as bleach, dishwashing detergent and surface cleaner may not have a very positive effect on health. For this, we can prepare natural cleaning liquids with various materials.  With vinegar and baking soda, we can create natural cleaning fluids for ourself, as well as use products such as antibacterial hand cleaning gel for small areas we touch.