How to Provide Hand Hygiene in Public Transport Vehicles?

It should be done completely in order to keep the cleaning measures at the maximum level in public transportation and to minimize the risk.

hygiene in public transport

How to Provide Hand Hygiene in Public Transport Vehicles?

We are going through a difficult period that we are not used to. Since there are certain conditions of this period, we have to give up some of our comfort areas and change our lifestyle a little. Since these changes were created entirely with our health in mind, we did not have a hard time keeping up. In the normalization period that we have entered after a long-term quarantine period, there are some rules that our government and all of us must follow and apply. In order to prevent the disease, the mouth and nose should be covered with a disposable tissue during coughing or sneezing, if there is no handkerchief, the inner part of the elbow should be used, hands should be washed frequently with water and soap, and in cases where there is no water and soap, antibacterial hand disinfectants with high alcohol content should be used. We have to follow the rules. The public transport vehicles that we have to use almost every day are regularly disinfected, but we have to take our own precautions.


Hygiene in Public Transport Vehicles

The measures taken by our government on our behalf will not work on their own unless we comply with these measures. We do not forget to use masks primarily in public transportation. Afterwards, we are recommended to use gloves if possible for keeping our hands clean, but we must also remember to use the antibacterial hand cleaning liquid, which we should always keep with us, before and after using public transportation vehicles for situations where we do not use gloves. Proxentin antibacterial hand cleaning gel is very convenient to use in terms of carrying in the bag, and thanks to its high alcohol content and glycerin, our hands are purified from germs, softening our hands and preventing irritation and cracking. Proxentin, licensed by the Ministry of Health, is one of the products that should be preferred among hand disinfectants.


Anti-bacterial Hand Sanitizer Choices

Antibacterial hand cleaning fluids have become very popular products in the corona epidemic period. Which one of them we should choose, according to what has been a confusing issue. Since unregistered low quality hand disinfectants have also been produced during this period, attention should be paid to the fact that the hand disinfectant we will choose must be  especially high in alcohol and has the approval of the Ministry of Health. Biota Laboratories, which has R&D, quality management and specific knowledge at international standards for many years in the field of pharmacy, dermocosmetics and food supplements, has decided to work in the field of hygiene and cleaning, and as a result, they have produced the Proxentin brand. Considering the needs of the whole world, we have launched products that support skin health and offer full protection against bacteria and viruses. In this way, we offer both hygienic cleanliness and trust together.