Is the Corona Virus Finished ? Should I Stop Using Hand Sanitizer?

We must continue to comply with the hygiene rules by keeping the measures against the corona virus, in order not to pose a risk and not to endanger our health.

is the corona virus over

Is the Corona Virus Finished ? Should I Stop Using Hand Sanitizer?

Even though we entered the virus era suddenly, we see that the number of cases continues to increase day by day. In this process, as well as the importance of hand hygiene, social distance rules and the use of masks should be paid attention to. We know that hand disinfectants are used to kill viruses and bacteria in environments where there is no water and soap. So, is every hand cleaning liquid a disinfectant? How long should we use them? These are questions that should be asked and are currently being asked. Weak products, that is, hand disinfectants that do not have sufficient alcohol are not considered antibacterial and may be insufficient against the corona virus. The hand cleaning gel or hand cleaning liquid used can be named as antibacterial disinfectant product when it has antiseptic properties. These products, which are produced as wet wipes, liquid soap, hand cleaning gel and hand cleaning liquid, are products that can be used as a precaution against not only corona virus but all types of viruses.

Measures Should Be Taken

The most important weapon in this war with coronavirus is protection from this virus. It is the first rule to use a mask that covers the mouth and nose well in order to protect against this rapidly spreading virus in this period, when we are trying to get used to the new normal process of going to work and school. Multi-contact activities such as contact surfaces, door handles, money, handshaking are a habitat for bacteria and viruses. For this reason, we should not neglect to disinfect our hands with antibacterial products such as hand cleaning gel, by reminding once again the importance of hand hygiene in situations where we have such contacts. It is worth mentioning once again that it is necessary to pay attention to the content of the preferred disinfectant product because products that are weak, have low alcohol content, do not have a Biocidal license, do not comply with WHO recommended standards, do not have the approval of the Ministry of Health, may not be effective in eliminating the corona virus.

A Few Small Recommendations to Follow

  • Let's not shake hands / hug anyone and avoid close contact, at least for a while.
  • Let's take care to wash our hands with soap and water as often as possible, and disinfect them with safe hand disinfectants when we cannot find soap and water.
  • Let's stay away