The importance of disinfectants against bacteria?

How to clean a cell phone to eliminate bacteria and viruses? Take precautions in all areas and minimize the risk!

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The importance of disinfectants against bacteria?

Hand disinfectants, which we do not care much about in normal days, turned out to be one of the things we pay attention to during the corona epidemic period. As such, many hand disinfectants began to appear around. What should we pay attention to when choosing one ? Primarily, the alcohol content is important for disinfectants and antibacterial hand cleaning gels because alcohol is the active ingredient that bacteria and viruses cannot resist. Proxentin antibacterial hand cleaning gel is highly effective against viruses thanks to its high alcohol content. Since we need to take more precautions against bacteria and viruses during the corona period, our first priority should be our hand cleaning. For places where we cannot use water and soap, we must definitely have a hand disinfectant with us.

Is Cell Phone Cleaning Important?

The most important place of transmission of the new type of corona virus is our hands. Our hands touch thousands of places every day, and we, consciously or unconsciously, somehow move our hands to our mouth, nose and eyes. In this period, when the virus is widespread  around, hand cleaning gel and disinfectants became a product we use every ten minutes. Many of us have focused on hand hygiene, but the real danger is very close, and most of us are not even aware of it. Cell phones… How many of us disinfect our phones, which almost do not fall out of our hands throughout the day. Experts warn that mobile phones may pose a high risk in corona virus transmission and therefore, should be cleaned with disinfectant products several times a day. They point out that the virus can survive on the phone surfaces for a few hours, and the risk of transmission of the virus may increase if we bring the phone closer to the face area, so we should pay maximum attention to the hand hygiene, we should use antibacterial hand cleaning fluids throughout the day. Proxentin antibacterial hand cleansing gel, cleanses your hands from bacteria and viruses with its alcohol-based content, while preventing the vehicles we constantly come into contact with, such as mobile phones, from spreading bacteria.

Points to Consider in Cell Phone Cleaning

When cleaning the mobile phone, care should be taken to cover the holes that may cause the phone to malfunction. A slightly damp, soft cloth can be used for cleaning. Avoid direct contact of the liquid substances to be used in cleaning with the phone and wipe them gently with a cloth that was moistened using a disinfectant. The screen and the key release buttons that we contact the most should be cleaned first.