Liquid Soap


We touch numerous surfaces throughout the day. The microorganisms found on these surfaces we come into contact with are often taken into the body when we take contact our hands to our mouth. When we wash our hands regularly, it is possible to protect ourselves by preventing the contamination of bacteria. Therefore, it is especially important to ensure the hand hygiene. However, normal soap may be insufficient to cleanse the hand bacteria. Proxentin Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap helps to eliminate 99.9% of the bacteria and fungi in your hand. By washing your hands regularly with an antibacterial hand soap, you can minimize the risk of bacterial contamination. It is helpful to use Proxentin antibacterial soap and antibacterial hand cleansing gel together to provide a complete protection. Proxentin continues to work to expand its product range with the mission of offering the best antibacterial soap protection and supporting this protection with new products, contributing to your health and those around you.


Proxentin antibacterial soap types are formulated to be compatible with the skin pH. Dermatologically tested Proxentin antibacterial hand soaps are free of parabens and silicones. Thus, while providing an effective protection, it does not damage your skin and does not cause irritation. Some Proxentin antibacterial liquid soap should be applied to the hands and foamed for about 30-60 seconds, and then rubbed thoroughly and rinsed with plenty of water. This application should be repeated during the day as needed. When applied in this way, the tested results show that it provides antibacterial protection by killing the bacteria in one minute.


There are three types of Proxentin antibacterial liquid soaps: Moisturizing care, Classic care and Sensitive care. If you have dry skin, and the products with antibacterial content are irritating your hands, Moisturizing care will be suitable for you. This product contributes to the daily care of your hands while providing protection with its aloe vera content. The sensitive care option is ideal for sensitive skin with its chamomile containing and a non-perfumed, cream formula. Classical care, which offers maximum hygiene containing lavender oil, will be useful for those who do not deviate from the classic by combining pleasant scent and maximum protection.


We come across pathogens that cause diseases in various areas in daily life. We now know that the basic precaution to be taken to protect against these bacteria is to wash our hands frequently and to disinfect when we cannot wash them. It has become very important to pay attention to the hand hygiene, especially during the epidemic of the coronavirus, which affects the whole world. Although, we could not leave the house for a certain period of time during the quarantine period with the normalization process, we started to go out again and be in different areas. Antibacterial soaps used for home hygiene are no longer limited with home; Introducing them to the public areas such as schools, hospitals, offices, restaurants, you can provide full protection against bacteria all day long and spend your day comfortably and safely.